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Total Control Sports makes the original ball that helps with everyday player practice better. This design helps build strength and extension through the hitting zone.

Total Control Sports has a unique way of identifying their ball. With a little blue dot that goes with the way the plug works. We use Detroit Iron instead of sand. Sand breaks to easily were iron last 10x longer and does a better job at absorbing the energy.

By cheap By Twice is our moto.

Currently has two patents

Patent # 8702542 The invention is for a weighted ball designed to be hit or struck where the ball has a resilient, flexible, nonburstable outer shell, a hollow inner chamber and a filler hole where a weighted filler material is inserted into the hollow inner chamber through the filler hole and where the air inside the hollow inner chamber that displaces the remaining space inside the hollow inner chamber and where the inside air pressure is equal to the outside air pressure, and where a hole plug seals the filler hole after filling the hollow inner chamber with the weighted filler material, and where a hole plug sealant is used to fill the vacant hole plug space and to reinforce and strengthen the hole plug.

Patent # 9186564 The invention is for a method of training and evaluating a hitter using a weighted ball where the hitter hits the weighted ball with a bat and where the weighted ball wraps around the bat and thereby the ball absorbs some of the energy from the batter and where after striking the weighted ball the ball leaves the bat in a substantially horizontal plane if it is hit correctly and where the weighted ball donuts substantially vertical to the ground if hit incorrectly or lifts up if hit too low or dives downward if hit to high or donuts horizontally if hit in an inside out manner with the bat.