Our weighted cores are made right here in the USA

Using a mixture of synthetic materials, ferrous river sand, and iron particles the Total Control Ball absorbs the hitter’s swing and distribute that power evenly throughout the ball to provide immediate feedback with every swing.

The outer casing is durable PVC and guaranteed for six months, making it safer and more cost effective than alternative practice equipment – which can warp and fail in overseas shipping.

• Instant Feedback

• Limited Space Required

• Perfect Weighted Design

• Strength & Development

• Cost Effective

• Long Lasting & Washable

• Soft Toss Without Net

• Safe For All Bats

• No Glove Required

• Safer Than Conventional Balls

What is the Total Control Ball?

The Total Control Training System helps players of all ability level to develop strength & extension through the hitting zone while providing instant feedback for the hitter.

Total Control Weighted Balls are GUARANTEED FOR 6 MONTHS

TCB Ball – 82

Develop Strength and Drive through the Hitting Zone

3.2“ in diameter

425 grams (14.9 oz)

Optimum use with front toss, but can be used for side toss and Tee work


TCB Ball – 74

NEW, smaller version of our TCB Ball that was created in response to the STRONGER, ADVANCED hitters

2.9” in diameter

Same as a baseball

425 grams (14.9 oz)

Stronger Design

No Silica Fillers



PURE strength development for the core and upper body

Approx. 5.3” in diameter

900 grams (31.7 oz)
For side toss & Tee work Only

Works the Core, Upper Body & Hips


NEW! Plyometric Weighted Ball Set

This Plyo Ball Set is designed for movement preparation, increase velocity, & for limited space-indoor/outdoor use. Our total arm care program is designed to build strength & velocity. Perfect for warm-up, progressive hitting drills & training. This plyometric set benefits arm speed, arm strength, recovery, and much more!

Includes (6) Balls: 3.5 oz, 5.5 oz, 8 oz, 11 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz (2 lbs.) and Free Carry Bag!

*Individual balls can be purchased

Plyo Ball Routine VideoPURCHASE

About this item
Improve pitching mechanics – heavier balls help teach a cleaner, more efficient arm action.

Throw harder – build a stronger arm across a range of throwing weights. Learn to move fast.

Recover better – strong arms hold their velocity and recover quickly. Perfect for use in post-throw recovery protocols.

Warm up faster – shorten the time to get hot.


Warning do not overexert yourself. Stop exercising if you experience pain or tightness.

TCB Hole Balls

The only Wiffle Ball made to last. Made from the similar base material as the weighted balls. Created to achieve optimum flight even in the WINDIEST CONDITIONS


TCB Hole Ball 8.0

3.2” in diameter

80 grams (2.8 oz)

Optimum use with front toss

Can Pitch Close to Regular Speed

Both Underhand & Overhand


TCSI Hole Ball Features

Instant Feedback
Limited Space Required
Strength & Development
Cost Effective
Long Lasting & Washable
Soft Toss Without Net
Safe For All Bats
No Glove Required
Safer Than Conventional Balls

TCB Hole Ball 7.4

2.9” in diameter – Same as a Baseball

70 grams (2.5 oz)

Optimum use with front toss

Can Pitch Close to Regular Speed

Both Underhand & Overhand


TCB Hole Ball 5.0


The size of a golf ball

25 grams (0.9 oz)

Optimum use with front toss while using a bat the size of a broom stick. Great for

Hand, Eye Coordination


Total Control Bats

End-Loaded Heavy

Makes hands come before the ball by keeping hands inside the ball and restricts early extension. 34″ length

Heavy Trainer

Use for Overload Training.

Builds strength & increases bat speed. Great for dry warm-ups. 33″/33 oz.


Hand Path Bat

TCB Hand Path Heavy Trainer is a take on the popular Cam Trainer – Use this bat off the tee, for soft toss, or BP. Heavy Trainers build strength, build the core muscles and forearms used for swinging, and bat speed. Heavy Trainers should be used for your warms ups on the tee and soft toss. Don’t over-do using a heavy trainer. It takes time to build muscle if you haven’t been using this kind of trainer.

Heavy trainer comes in lengths from 31″ – 34″ and are turned to a +12 weight. ie. a 32″ bat will weigh 44 oz


Flat Bat

Ensures level swing plane through the hitting zone. 34″/20 oz.


Hand-Eye Stick

Skinny barrel designed to improve hand-eye coordination, best use with small hole balls. 32″/20 oz.


Top Hand Bat

Improve hand-eye coordination & strength. Shorten your swing path & reinforce proper form.
Use with soft toss & tee drills Coach’s tool for infield/outfield. 34″ length.

End-Loaded Heavy

Wood Fungo Bats are ideal for coaches who hit a lot of fly balls and ground balls for their team. Their end-weight design and lighter weight mean you get more distance and speed with a lighter swing.

Player’s Tools

Total Control Sports Hitting Tee

Full adjustable from 24”–46” Tall, Durable rubber cone, Weighted Rubberized Base (9 lbs.) for Improved Stability on gym floors and turf.


Total Control Sports “NEW” Hitting Tee

Fully adjustable from 24″- 42″ Tall, Durable and Stiff rubber cone. Perfect for all ages of training players who practice T ball, softball, baseball. Weighted rounded rubber base for Stability on hard surfaces, turf, and grass. The tough rubber and solid materials are suitable for all weather conditions. TCS tee can be quickly folded out for easy setup in the backyard or other practice areas.


Total Control Sports Resistance Bands

Strength training bands, stretching band for any athlete looking to increase arm strength/prevent injuries. Workout rubber bands come with a clip/strap option


Total Control Sports 3-Teir Strike Zone Net

Lightweight, Portable, Visible 3-Tier Strike Zone, Dimensions are 7′ Feet by 7′ feet tall.

Carry Bag Included!

Total Control Sports Leather 6 Pack Weighted Training Balls

Progression weighted balls are the perfect heavy training balls for both pitching, throwing, fielding, and hitting practice. This product includes (1) 3oz-yellow, (1) 4oz-green, (1) 6oz-orange, (1) 7oz-red, (1) 9oz-light blue, (1) 11oz-dark blue.


Total Control Sports “NEW” Hitting Tee

If you’re a beginner in your baseball fitness journey, TCS yellow youth resistance band can be a good option to consider. The band offers a tension level of 15-35 pounds which makes it apt for beginners. The band is made of natural synthetic rubber that is durable, odorless and skin-friendly.


“NEW” TCS Golf Hitting Net 

TCS 10 x 7 ft. Golf/Baseball Hitting Net is practical and convenient. This training net takes up a small space, easy to carry with the TCS carry bag that is included. It can be placed indoors, outdoors, school, home, garage, garden, professional sports venues, training institutions. Great for Teams and for all ages of professional players to practice their skills and exercises for the game.


Hit harder, train smarter, and get immediate visual feedback on every swing.